My name is Chris Rhodes and I think I have always been a home builder at heart! I was one of five children and, as you can imagine, my parents needed to be rather creative when it came to entertaining us.

I remember my mom giving my brother, Ken Rhodes, and me cans of “paint” (the cans actually contained water) and letting us paint the concrete block wall in our backyard. We’d be happy for hours. Also, my dad would take my brother and me to pre-school programs where we used huge wooden boxes and planks to create forts.

But maybe my favorite recollection has to do with the “houses” we kids built. You see, we saved empty egg carton boxes and then used them to establish various creations.

Chris Rhodes, a Home Builder and Remodeler

at an Early Age!

That’s me standing on the highchair – what would OSHA think?! My brother Ken and my sister Peggy (Rhodes Parrish) are seen helping. Part of the fun was knocking each house down!

As a young adult, my fascination with building continued and I pursued my Associate of Science (AS) degree in carpentry from Los Angeles Trade Tech. I graduated in 1980 and received my contractor’s license in 1986. After finishing my B.A. at Sonoma State University, I have been a home builder and remodeler in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County for over 35 years!

It was great that my brother Ken and I went to Trade Tech together. Today, Ken Rhodes is a licensed contractor (as is his son, Paul Rhodes) serving the San Luis Obispo, CA area. Home building has continued as a family tradition!

One very important thing that distinguishes me from other builders out there is that, as I wrote above, I am professionally trained in construction and carpentry, not self-taught. I learned how to do it the right way! Plus, it may seem obvious, but being licensed is a big deal. You’d be surprised how many builders and handymen/women aren’t.

I enjoy taking something that is in terrible shape (or needs improvement) and transforming it into the home/kitchen/bathroom of your dreams. There is a great deal of satisfaction for me in getting things done – everything looks different by 5 pm than it did that morning when my crew and I started work.

In addition to home building and custom home construction, I specialize in remodeling homes in the Santa Rosa area, bathroom and kitchen remodels, as well as commercial tenet improvements. I particularly enjoy helping homeowners with energy efficient window replacements and tankless water heater installation.

Please contact me with any questions or for a complimentary consultation.

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